The 3rd Year of GCED Curriculum Development & Integration Project (2nd Round) Launched with an Official Consultation Meeting

02.04.2021 | gcedcdi | 7 reads




APCEIU held the official kickoff meeting for the GCED Curriculum Development & Integration Project from 23 to 24 March 2021 via Zoom, for the 2nd round countries (Kenya, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Philippines). As the official launching of the 3rd year of the three-year project (2019-2021), the Meeting provided an opportunity for the participating countries to share the progress and experiences from last year and discuss the action plans for this year. The newly participating countries, for the 3rd round, Lao PDR and Georgia, have also attended the meeting to better understand the project.






Although the project was challenged by the unexpected global pandemic last year, all the participants have made invaluable outcomes based on their passion and commitment. This meeting has allowed participants to share each other’s stories and has provided a chance to look at different aspects of GCED integration in each country, reflecting the unique socio-cultural and educational context from a comparative perspective. This year, the participating countries will pilot-test and finalize their outputs developed from last year which will lead to the completion of the 3-year project. Through the consultation meeting, the participants were able to reflect on and further develop the future plans, receiving comments and feedback from the external experts as well as the fellow countries.






At the time of this global pandemic, the need for GCED is ever more evident. The participating countries are the front-liners in mainstreaming of GCED in their educational system. Through this meeting, the participants have encouraged and inspired each other and pledge to successfully complete the project. Based on the meeting this time, 4 countries will embark on their action plans and are expected to have a mid-term review meeting in July (TBC).