GCED Curriculum Development and Integration Project

Responding to the growing demand for GCED across the globe, APCEIU launched GCED Curriculum Development and Integration Project in 2016, with the sponsorship of the government of Republic of Korea. The Project is designed as 3-year project and the main objective is to mainstream GCED in educational system of participating countries by specifically integrating GCED into their national curriculum.

APCEIU has successfully operated the 1st (2016-2018, Cambodia, Mongolia, Uganda and Colombia), and 2nd (2019-2021, Kenya, Lebanon, Sri Lanka and the Philippines) round of the GCED Curriculum Development and Integration Project. This Project has reflected each country’s local context and needs in developing GCED-integrated curricula and resources, thereby effectively mainstreaming GCED in their educational systems.

  • To support partner countries and facilitate the development of effective national and/or local curricula, or those of similar values (curricular guidelines, pedagogical guides, Syllabi, textbooks, or teaching-learning resources) on GCED

  • To establish and strengthen sustainable implementation mechanisms by building capacities of key human resources on GCED curriculum development and implementation, thereby effectively mainstreaming and integrating GCED curriculum into the educational systems
Expected Outcomes
  • Enhancement of the Project participants’ capacities to integrate GCED into education and learning through curriculum innovation, reform and revision initiatives

  • Development of GCED Integrated national and local curricula, and/or other teaching & learning materials such as teachers’ manual, pedagogical guidelines, syllabi, textbooks or teaching-learning resources that help enhance and facilitate the GCED learning process.
Year 1

Establishment of the Mechanism for GCED Curriculum Development

Expected Outputs
  • Framework for implementation
  • Situational Analysis
  • Establishment of Local Curriculum Development Committee(CDC)
Year 2

Development of GCED Curriculum and Integration Strategies

Expected Outputs
  • Draft curricula (or equivalent outputs such as a framework, guideline, teacher’s handbook, etc.) developed
  • Review and consultation
Year 3

Pilot-testing, Finalization of Developed Curricula, and M&E for Sustainable Mechanism

Expected Outputs
  • Finalized developed curricula or equivalent outputs
  • Sustainable, country-initiated mechanisms for further curriculum improvement
  • Project evaluation

GCED Curriculum Development and Integration Platform

This website hosts the GCED Curriculum Development and Integration Platform. It is an online platform dedicated to the GCED Curriculum Development and Integration Project of APCIEU.

On this site, participants of the GCED Curriculum Development and Integration Project can access archived Project outputs and key resources required for the implementation of GCED CDC Project. This platform is intended for those involved in the Project and encourages interactions amongst participating countries. As such, we hope that the sharing of useful knowledge and information for the GCED Integrated Curriculum Development can take place.