Strengthening partnership for GCED in Rwanda - APCEIU meetings with GCED stakeholders in Kigali, Rwanda

05.10.2022 | gcedcdi | 22 reads



Rwanda has been one of the partner countries for the GCED Curriculum Development and Integration (GCED CDI) Project. To meet and encourage GCED stakeholders in Rwanda and discuss the implementation of the GCED CDI Project, APCEIU visited Kigali, Rwanda on 28 August - 1 September 2022.




APCEIU paid a courtesy visit to the Ministry of Education. Mr Charles Karakye, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry welcomed APCEIU and acknowledged Rwanda’s importance of global citizenship education in the Rwandan national curriculum and expressed expectations in the GCED CDI Project and APCEIU’s other GCED projects and initiatives.




APCEIU visited the Rwanda Education Board, which is in charge of promoting quality education in Rwanda basic, specialized, and adult education. Dr. Nelson Mbarushimana, director general of the Rwanda Education Board, shared how Rwanda is pursuing digitalization in Education and showed interest in developing digitalized teaching and learning materials for GCED in the Rwandan national curriculum through the GCED CDI Project.




APCEIU visited the Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO and shared current projects including GCED CDI Project in Rwanda. Mr. Albert Mutesa, Secretary-General of the Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO, shared Rwanda’s effort in promoting citizenship education and was convinced that the GCED CDI Project would greatly contribute to promoting SDG4.7 in Rwanda.




APCEIU paid a visit to the KOICA Office in Rwanda and Mr CHON Gyong Shik, country director of the KOICA Office in Rwanda, welcomed APCEIU and shared current education projects in Rwanda. Mr Chon expressed expectations for the GCED CDI Project for Rwanda and future collaborations with APCEIU to promote GCED in Rwanda.


Meetings with the GCED stakeholders in Rwanda during the visit convinced us that the GCED CDI Project would be implemented successfully through cooperation and Rwanda would play a critical role in promoting GCED nationally and in the African region.