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[Teacher's Training Manual] Citizenship Education in Secondary Schools_Kenya_2021

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2nd (2019~2021)

[Teacher's Training Manual] Citizenship Education in Secondary Schools


Cover for Teacher's Training Manual - Citizenship Education in Secondary Schools


This is a manual that is intended to support curriculum and education developers in implementing the GCED curriculum in Kenya, specifically primary and secondary level education. It includes guides on running workshops for fellow educators on better equipping them with the knowledge and appreciation for GCED, as well as the skills to integrate it into their classes.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents, i

Acknowledgement, ii

Executive Summary, iv
Acronyms, viii

Introduction of the Manual, x
Unit 1 Overview of Citizenship Education, p.1
Unit 2 Governance, p.36 
Unit 3 Human Rights, p.50
Unit 4 Gender, p.62
Unit 4 Sustainable Development, p.76
Unit 5 Diversity, p.86
Unit 6 Peace and Conflict Resolution, p.94
Unit 7 Lesson Exemplars for Citizenship Competencies, p.115
References, p.120
Appendices, p.122