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[GCED Guidelines] Citizenship Education Guidelines_Kenya_2021

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2nd (2019~2021)

[GCED Guidelines] Citizenship Education Guidelines


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This is a report that contains the guidelines for coordinating, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating GCED at various social levels in Kenya. These guidelines resulted out of a partnership between Kenya’s education ministry, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, and APCEIU. The report includes the overall operationalization of pedagogy terms and GCED values that should be implemented into the Kenyan education curriculum, an overview of the stakeholders in GCED, and the methods of monitoring and evaluation of GCED curriculum.


Table of Contents
Foreward, ii

Preface, iii

Acknowledgement, iv
Table of Contents, vi
Operational Definitions of Terms, viii
About Citizenship Education Guidelines, x
National Goals of Education, xii
Introduction to Citizenship Education, p.1 
Core Strands of Citizenship Education, p.10
Implementation of Citizenship Education, p.20
Stakeholders' Engagement in Citizenship Education, p.32
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, p.37
References, p.43