GCED CDI Partners’ Meeting 2023: The Technical Meeting on GCED CDI Project

27.10.2023 | apceiu-cdi | 57 reads

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APCEIU hosted the ‘Technical Meeting on Global Citizenship Education Curriculum Development and Integration Project (GCED CDI): Achievements and Challenges’ as part of the GCED CDI Partners’ Meeting 2023 from 20 to 21 October 2023 in Seoul, South Korea.


Following the 8th International Conference on GCED from 18 to 19 October, which made up the Capacity Building and Knowledge Sharing component of the Partners’ Meeting, the Technical Meeting provided a platform for the partner countries at various stages of the Project to share their experiences, lessons learned, and future plans with one another.


welcoming remarks


The first part of the Technical Meeting began with welcoming remarks from Mr. Lim Hyun Mook, the Director of APCEIU. This was followed by congratulatory remarks from H.E. Tarash Papaskua, Ambassador of the Republic of Georgia to the Republic of Korea. Representatives from the embassies of Bangladesh, Nepal, and Thailand also attended to show their support for the Project partners who had gathered in Seoul.


3rd round countries


On the first day, representatives from the Project’s 3rd round (2021-2023) showcased their final project outputs. From Georgia, Ms. Natia Natsvlishvili, Head of the International Relations and Strategic Communication Department, National Center for Teacher Professional Development, shared the GCED materials they had translated into Georgian as well as the online course for teachers they had developed. Representing Indonesia, Mr. Rachmadi Widdiharto, Director of Primary Education, Directorate of Teacher for Primary Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, presented the teaching modules and project-based lesson guidelines they had developed. Representing Lao PDR, Dr. Anoulom Vilayphone, Director General, of the Research Institute for Educational Sciences, showcased the GCED framework, GCED-integrated civic educational curriculum, and teacher’s manual they had developed. Ms. Alberta Abena Owusu, Senior Assistant Registrar, Institute for Educational Planning and Administration, representing Ghana as a 4th round (2022-2024) country, also presented on their draft trainer’s manual for teacher training on GCED.


The first day concluded with presentations on project monitoring and evaluation by Professor Aaron Benavot from Albany-State University of New York and Professor Esther Care from the University of Melbourne.


4th round countries


On the second day, the Project’s 4th round countries had a chance to share their midterm project outputs and future strategies. Representing Bangladesh, Mr. Muhammed Kabir Uddin, Deputy Secretary (School-2), Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, shared their plans to map existing GCED elements in the curriculum, carry out capacity-building for teacher trainers, and develop video clips to use in teacher training and in the classroom. Representing Bhutan, Dr. Dawa Gyaltshen, Curriculum Developer-I, School Curriculum Division, Ministry of Education and Skills Development, presented their draft GCED curriculum framework, integration guide, and lesson exemplars for Social Studies, Values Education, Health and Physical Education, Arts and Language. Representing Ghana again, Ms. Genevieve Mensah, Curriculum Officer, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, shared the development of their GCED resource pack for primary teachers as well as a trainers’ manual. Representing Malaysia, Dr. Lai Chee Toh, a researcher at Penang Arts Education Society Arts-ED, presented their plans to develop a teachers’ guide on GCED integration in the upper primary curriculum using transformative pedagogy.


5th round countries


Lastly, delegates from the Project’s 5th round countries (2024-2026) shared their countries’ contexts and ideas for the GCED CDI Project: presenting were Mr. Noureddine Bendouqi, Inspector/Coordinator of English, CPGE Morocco, Ministry of Education, Preschool, and Sports from Morocco; Mr. Baikuntha Prasad Aryal, Director General, Curriculum Development Centre, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology from Nepal; Mr. Asim Ijaz Cheema, Section Officer (Training) / Secretary, SDG-4 & Gender Cells, School Education Department Punjab from Pakistan; and Dr. Phanthalert Chalermchai, Director of Social Studies Institute, Office of the Basic Education Commission, Ministry of Education Thailand.


The participants of the Technical Meeting are expected to improve on their plans for and beyond the GCED CDI Project based on the ideas shared and feedback received.