Capacity-Building Workshop for GCED Curriculum Development & Integration in Lao PDR

26.10.2021 | gcedcdi | 5 reads




From 13 to 15 October 2021, APCEIU held the Capacity-Building Workshop for GCED Curriculum Development & Integration in Lao PDR via zoom. GCED Curriculum Development & Integration Project aims to mainstream the GCED into each country’s educational system by developing GCED-integrated national curriculum or teaching and learning materials. This year, APCEIU launched the project for the 3rd round countries, including Lao PDR. Therefore, the Capacity-Building Workshop for Lao PDR, which was held in the early stage of the project, has its significance in improving the understanding of GCED and curriculum and paving the way for the three-year project.






For the opening ceremony, Dr Lim Hyun Mook, Director of APCEIU, and Ms Silinthone Sacklorkham, Secretary-General of Lao National Commission for UNESCO, celebrated the beginning of Lao PDR’s effort to integrate GCED into the national curriculum. During the three days, the GCED Curriculum Development Committee members of Lao PDR gained a deeper understanding of <Global Citizenship Education: Topics and learning objectives> from UNESCO and emerging issues in GCED. In addition, through active questions and answers, the participants promoted increased mutual understandings and discussed how to integrate GCED into the Lao PDR’s context. Lastly, the participants shared a specific plan about how to progress the three-year project.