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[GCED Lesson Exemplar] Araling Panlipunan Grade 3_Philippines_2021

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2nd (2019~2021)

[GCED Lesson Exemplar] Araling Panlipunan Grade 3


Cover [GCED Lesson Exemplar] Araling Panlipunan Grade 3


This is a workbook developed during Philippines' GCED CDI Project, an accompaniment to a Filipino social studies lesson for lower-primary school students. The workbook contains in-class materials for quizzes, notes, and reflections, written in Tagalog. 


Table of Content

Lesson Introduction, p.3
  Lesson Objectives (What I Need to Know / Alamin), p.3
  Pretest (What I Know / Subukin), p.4
Lesson Proper p.5
  Review (What’s In / Balikan), p.5
  Activity (What’s New/ Tuklasin), p.6
  Discussion (What is It / Talakayin), p.7
  Generalization (What I Have Learned / Isaisip), p.9
  Reflection (Why is it meaningful and relevant / Isapuso), p.10
  Application (What I Can Do / Isagawa), p.11
  Assessment / Tayahin, p.12
  Answer Key / Susi sa Pagwawasto, p.13
  References / Sanggunian, p.14