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[GCED Storybook] Lalam the Girl Scout_Uganda_2018

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1st (2016~2018)

[GCED Storybook] Lalam the Girl Scout


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This is an educational storybook that uses fiction to depict situations that touch on GCED topics and skills. Each chapter of the book also contains questions and activities to further reflect on the themes covered.

Lalam, The Girl Scout is much more than a story about scouting. It follows the life of an 11-year-old girl called Lalam. After floods destroy her home, they go to a Resettlement Camp where she meets a new friend from Korea called Ms. Lee Kim. Her new friend gives her a gift of a book about scouting which transforms her life, school and community. Using scouting as a vehicle, this story shows how Lalam and her fellow scouts are empowered with social skills of communication, leadership, participation and public information; as well as cognitive skills like critical, analytical, reflective and strategic thinking. Through the training, interaction and exposure they receive as scouts, Lalam and her colleagues acquire knowledge and understanding of diversity, globalization, equality as well as values and attitudes including self-esteem, empathy and respect, social justice and equality which prepare them to an exemplary life as informed and empowered global citizens who play an active and positive role in their societies.


Table of Contents

Life at the Resettlement Camp, p.2
We Can Become Girl Scouts, p.11
The Birth of the Scouts Club at Ntezi Primary School, p.19
Preparing for the Scouts Camp, p.27
Camp at the Source of the Nile, p.33
Glossary, p. 42