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[GCED Lesson Exemplar] Science Grade 6_Philippines_2021

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2nd (2019~2021)

[GCED Lesson Exemplar] Science Grade 6


Cover for [GCED Lesson Exemplar] Science Grade 6


This is a science workbook made by the Philippines as part of their involvement in the GCED CDI project. It is meant to be an accompaniment for a GCED-based science lesson that equips upper-primary school students with the understanding of mixtures and its relevant scientific techniques. Additionally, the workbook supports the lesson by including materials for in-class quizzes, notes, and reflections, as well as supporting content on the Sustainable Developmental Goals pertaining to mixtures (such as waste management, pollution, and biodiversity).


Table of Contents

Lesson Introduction, p.4

  Lesson Objectives (What I Need to Know / Alamin), p.4
  Pretest (What I Know / Subukin), p.5
Lesson Proper, p.6
  Review (What’s In / Balikan), p.6
  Activity (What’s New / Tuklasin), p.8
  Discussion (What is It / Talakayin), p.9 
  Generalization (What I Have Learned / Isaisip), p.12 
  Reflection (Why is it meaningful and relevant / Isapuso), p.13 
  Application (What I Can Do / Isagawa), p.14
  Assessment  / Tayahin, p.16
  Answer Key / Susi sa Pagwawasto, p.17

  References / Sanggunian, p.18