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[Teacher's Guide] Global Citizenship Education Teacher Guide (Mongolian)_Mongolia_2018

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1st (2016~2018)

Teacher's Guide


COver for GCED: Teachers' Guide


This is a guide that was done as a final output during Mongolia's GCED CDI Project. It is written in the local language, Mongolian. It is intended for educators, such as teachers, for the purposes of GCED integration.



Table of Contents

Introduction, p.4 

  How do we Consider Global Citizenship Education in Mongolia?, p.5
People, p.11
  Mathematics, p.11
  Teaching Activities, p.26
  Social Science, p.32
  Biology, p.35
  Design and Technology, p.60
Planet, p.76
  Mongolian, p.76 

  Social Science, p.87
  English, p.89
  Biology, p.104
Peace, p.114 
  Mongolian, p.114
  Social Science, p.119
  Social Science, p.125
  English, p.134
  Biology, p.142